CarlijnQ SS21 The Good Life Collection

CarlijnQ is a sustainable kids’ clothing brand based in the Netherlands. It was founded in the spirit of celebrating childhood. The simple joys of it, like cherishing nature, laughing wholeheartedly, and chasing the everyday dreams lay in the heart of the brand. The story has started with Doris, Carlijn Quirijnen’s firstborn. Doris’ arrival has inspired Carlijn to design a clothing line that offers parents a choice of sustainably sourced and responsibly created baby and kids’ apparel. Pieces that are produced consciously and from the high-quality natural materials. But foremost, CarlijnQ’s clothes are made for children to have fun in. Playful prints and varied colors make putting on CarlijnQ’s clothes an exciting game on its own. While comfortable fits and soft materials stay true to what a child needs – the freedom of moving easily.

At CarlijnQ every choice they make is guided by the thought of what’s best for the children. Whether it is picking up fabric, caring about the environment, or supporting fair labor practices, we take things seriously. We are committed to offering ethically and sustainably made clothing. The garments are made of organic and recycled materials, which are certified by the Global Organization Textile Standards (GOTS)

CarlijnQ’s products represent a modern and sustainable approach to clothing with an eye towards comfort, style, and joy.

Minimum order is 2000 Euro
Orderdeadline is the 17th of August 2020
If you would like to see the samples, receive the lookbook or if you would like to receive the B2B login, please do not hesitate to contact me! 
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